Commercial Nut & Dried Fruit Dryer Machine

nut dryer machine

Nuts are a category of closed fruits. The peel is hard and contains one or more seeds. Such as peanuts, walnuts, cashews, betel nuts, almonds, and other fruits. Nuts are the essence of plants. They are generally rich in nutrients and contain protein, oil, minerals, and vitamins.
Just after the nuts have matured, the fruit contains a lot of water, and the taste is green and astringent, and it is difficult to eat. The nuts can be stored for a long time after they are naturally dried and dried on a hot kang. The taste is excellent and easy to eat.
The traditional drying process is mainly natural drying and kang drying. If the technology is not particularly high, it will cause serious phenomena such as cracking of the nutshell and deterioration of the nut kernel, resulting in serious economic losses. In order to improve and avoid the losses caused during the drying process, the nut dryer has become a new generation of equipment for drying nuts.

Features of nut dryer

1. Turn over naturally, the surface is heated evenly, without a lot of manual labor.
2. The drying rate of nuts is high and the drying cycle is shortened.
3. The inherent quality of nuts is well preserved.
4. The nut kernel has small shrinkage, a bright appearance, natural color and taste, good consistency, and high efficiency.

Heat pump dryers, mesh belt dryers, microwave dryers can all be used as nut dryers. The selection of specific equipment requires the selection of the dryer according to the actual situation.

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Peanut dryer

Peanut dryer

Peanut is a widely edible nut. The main production areas are distributed in Asia, Africa, and America. The production of peanuts in these three regions accounts for more than 99% of the world's total production.
Peanuts have a rich taste after drying and can be stored for a long time without deterioration.
During the operation of the heat pump peanut dryer, only a part of the electric drive compressor is needed to work, and it will not cause any pollution to the air environment. The peanut dryer machine is a device that conforms to modern society's promotion of environmental protection.


Advantages of peanut dryer

1. Equipped with an intelligent PLC microcomputer control system, which can accurately control the temperature, humidity, air volume, duration, mode, stage, and other parameters during peanut drying.
2. During the drying process, the drying quality of peanuts at each stage can be guaranteed and maintained at a high-quality level.
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walnut dryer machine

Walnut dryer

Walnut is a plant of the Juglans genus in the Juglans family and is the famous "Four Dried Fruits". Walnut kernels are rich in nutrients. Each 100g contains 15-20 grams of protein, more fat, 10 grams of carbohydrates, and contains many trace elements and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., as well as carotene and nuclear. Flavin and other vitamins. Good for the human body. The shell of the walnut body is hard and needs to be smashed to eat.
Walnut kernels have extremely high nutritional value, medicinal value, and therapeutic value.

Walnut drying process: Put the walnut kernels into a special 304 stainless steel grid tray, and send the cart loaded with walnuts into the dryer. The drying time is between 15-20 hours. The walnut kernels are heated at 60℃. Dry at 70°C until the moisture content is below 10%.
Using a walnut dryer machine to dry walnuts can reduce manual operations, reduce drying time, and improve the quality of walnuts after drying.
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cashew dryer machine

Cashew Dryer

Cashew is a kind of kidney-shaped nut, a plant of the Dicotyledonaceae, Sapindus, Anacardiaceae, and Cashew genus.
Cashew nuts are rich in a variety of trace elements. Regular consumption of cashew nuts can strengthen the body, improve the body's disease resistance, increase libido, and increase weight.

The cashew nut dryer machine uses the principle of air energy heat pump, and the drying process has multiple modes to choose from. According to the characteristics of shelled cashew nuts, the drying parameters are set through the PCL computer intelligent control system of the cashew nut dryer, and the drying room Shelled cashews lose most of their water until the shell cracks and the kernel and shell are initially split.

Microwave drying and sterilization equipment
After shelling, the nuts can use microwave drying and sterilization equipment and eat directly after microwave sterilization.
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The commercialization of nut dryers greatly improves production efficiency, provides more convenience for the commercial production of nuts, and brings better economic benefits.