Best commercial meat dryer machine

meat dryer machine

The meat food dryer can make most of the fresh meat into jerky, the common ones are beef jerky, lamb jerky, pork jerky, chicken breast jerky, fish jerky, rabbit jerky, duck jerky, salmon jerky, etc., because After fresh meat is processed into dried meat, its internal water activity is extremely low, and most bacteria cannot survive. The dried meat prepared with different seasonings has different tastes and is very convenient for storage and carrying and convenient for eating.
The method of making jerky is slightly different due to different regions or raw materials, but the basic procedures are the same. They are divided into two types: first cooking, then forming and drying, and forming, drying, and then cooking. The former process is: meat selection→division→soaking→preparation Boil → slice → add seasonings, soak and cook → dry to make mature meat products, the latter procedure is meat selection → cut strips → air-drying → add seasonings to bake mature meat products.
The meat dryer has now become a piece of important drying equipment for drying fresh meat. The meat dryer machine can make the fresh meat more efficient to complete the production of dried meat, and can also ensure the nutrients rich in the meat.

The principle of meat dryer

The compressor works to drive the heat transfer medium in the pipeline to absorb the heat in the external environment, and then release the heat into the drying room through the heat exchange device, and the continuous drying process is carried out through the hot air circulation system.

The structure of the meat dryer

1. Heat pump heating unit.
2. Insulation box device.
3. Hot air circulation device.
4. Automatic dehumidification device.
5. Intelligent control device.
Fish dryer machine

Fish dryer

Fish meat has the characteristics of tender and delicious meat, rich in nutrients, and is a good source of some vitamins and minerals. Fish meat also provides vitamins A, D, and E that the human body needs. Fish meat also contains a variety of fatty acids, this substance can prevent blood viscosity from increasing, can effectively prevent the occurrence of heart disease, and can strengthen the brain and nerve tissues and the retina of the eyes.
Dried fish meat is a kind of snack food obtained by marinating and dehydrating fresh fish meat. It is full of toughness, attractive taste, and high nutritional value. It retains most of the nutrients in fish meat. People usually have a variety of health effects after eating. benefit. Dried fish meat is rich in trace elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and protein.
fish dried
Fish meat dryers can provide a vital role in the production of dried fish. As the first-choice drying equipment for fish meat drying, heat pump room dryers can simulate the environment close to nature and are a kind of drying equipment close to natural drying fish meat.
To make dried fish with an edible fish dryer machine, it is necessary to control the temperature, humidity, and circulating wind in the dryer of the food dryers machine, and master these three steps to make the dried fish more delicious.

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Sausage dryer machine

Sausage dryer

Sausage is a very ancient food production and meat preservation technology. It refers to meat products with Chinese characteristics that are made from meat as raw materials, cut into cubes, supplemented with auxiliary materials, poured into animal casings, fermented, and matured. It is Chinese meat. A large category of products with the largest variety of products.
Nowadays, sausage dryers are often used in the production of sausages, because the drying environment is clean and there is no discharge of exhaust gas, wastewater, and waste residue.
The heat pump drying sausage has a good insulation effect, which can save 40% of labor costs and 30% of energy consumption.

The heat pump room sausage dryer machine is mainly divided into three stages: the constant speed drying stage, the deceleration drying stage, and the rapid drying stage.
Because the commercial sausage dryer has a controllable temperature and humidity adjustment function, the control accuracy is high, the quality of the dried product is good, the output is large, and the added value of the product is high. The products are good in finished products, can be used in a wide range, are not restricted by climate and environment, and can be produced all-weather, which is loved by the market.
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Beef dryer machine

Beef dryer

Beef is rich in sarcosine, vitamin B6, carnitine, potassium, protein, zinc, magnesium, iron, alanine, vitamin B12, and other trace elements.
Beef jerky has low-fat content, delicious taste, and high nutritional value. It contains a variety of minerals and amino acids needed by the human body. It not only maintains the chewy flavor of the beef, but also keeps it for a long time. Choose a good yellow beef and marinate with more seasonings. Drying is a best-selling food for people's daily survival and home travel.
The production process of beef jerky: material selection → pickling → drying → cooling → packaging

beef jerky
The main structure of the beef food dryer is a heat pump drying dehumidifier, drying chamber, hot air circulation system, dehumidification system, automatic intelligent control system, and efficient waste heat recovery and dehumidification device.
The beef jerky dryer machine can accurately and effectively control the temperature, humidity, and circulating airflow during the drying process, ensuring the rich flavor and chewiness after drying, and can effectively avoid deterioration caused by weather factors.
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Features of Meat Food Dryer

1. Good effect: the dried meat have a complete shape, and the ingredients are well preserved.
2. Intelligence: The intelligent microcomputer control system of the heat pump host can accurately control the temperature, duration, humidity, air volume, mode, and other parameters during drying.
3. Environmental protection: The air energy heat pump system is used as the heat source device, and no pollutants will be generated during the drying process, which is very green and environmentally friendly.
4. High efficiency: The combined use of the polyurethane board room and the circulating fan makes the heat energy utilization rate reach more than 95%. Compared with the traditional combustion-type drying equipment, the drying efficiency is greatly improved.